Benvenuti. Welcome. Mi casa es su casa!

“But may the sweet Muses,” as Virgil says, “take me away, removed from disturbances and cares and from the daily obligation to do something that is against my inclination, to those sacred places and those springs…” (Tacitus, Georgics 2.458-540)


Case Spazioscena is a small family business that manages holiday houses in the towns of Castelbuono and Finale di Pollina (Sicily). It evolved from the Spazioscena Cultural Association, which from 2005 has been active in the field of Art, organizing events related to dance, music, figurative arts, theater and drama therapy.

In fact, our first apartment was conceived as a guest house for Spazioscena Cultural artists.  Now our residences also host guests who attend the various events organized by Spazioscena, as well as those who simply want to spend time in Castelbuono or Finale enjoying the charm and warmth each has to offer.

The names of our houses reveal this artistic bond and they are each dedicated to a muse.

According to mythology, the muses were daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, conceived from nine consecutive nights of love, and considered to be the protectors of the Arts. The ancient Greek poet Hesiod tells us that Apollo was their protector and that the muses were invited to the parties of the gods to entertain guests with songs and dances. In the archaic times they were considered to be the inspirational goddesses of music.

In time, their functions expanded and were considered the divinities that presided over thought in general: from poetry to theater, from dialectics to history, to astronomy. They also had a beneficial influence on mortal lives, instilling in the sovereigns the art of settling disputes and preserving peace and acting as a source of inspiration for poets who could calm the souls of those who listened to their verses. As the depositors of memory, their repeated singing had the aim of handing down the gestures of the gods and the Greek heroes, keeping alive the memory of the past.

Case Spazioscena honors the spirit of the past in order to build a future based on knowledge and love of the arts. With that in mind, while each apartment has a historical or traditional influence, they have all been completely refurbished to provide our guests all the modern comforts.

All our homes are characterized by a particular theme that evokes a sense of fascination, and together with colors that embrace the love of culture instill in others a desire to share their experiences and emotions.

Welcoming hospitality and sharing are the foundations of Case Spazioscena’s philosophy.







190353_201610203189954_8213735_nWhile you stay in our holiday houses you have the possibility to organize workshops and conferences in the association’s suggestive and wide spaces.