As everyone knows, the quickest and most exciting way to learn or improve a foreign language is to visit the country where it’s spoken.

The ideal visit would include a language course tailored to your needs allowing you to be aware of what you’re learning so you can be more comfortable conversing in Italian.

So why not combine study with pleasure?

Imagine a relaxing holiday that joins beautiful seaside surroundings and delicious local cuisine with the opportunity to study the Italian language – and then in real life situations immediately practice what you’ve learned.

Case Spazioscena creates such a learning experience exclusively for you!

Depending on the course you choose, you will participate in either two or four hour lessons each day. When you’re not attending lessons you’ll have time to spend your day discovering the beauties of Castelbuono and Sicily.

You can decide how you want to spend your free time or, if you prefer, we can help arrange a day or complete holiday of local sites, attraction and experiences at a relaxing pace.

Your Italian teacher, Marianna Mitra, is a seasoned experience teacher who has worked with children, teenagers and adults in many different situations. Follow this link to read about her credentials.

The lectures of Italian language and culture are based on an active and participating learning format founded on communication skills and providing practice tools useful in real life situations. For example, parts of your lessons will take place outside the classroom – by being out and about town you’ll be able to experience what you’ve learned theoretically, while having the opportunity to engage in practical application in a faster and fun filled way.


Case Spaziocena provides courses from beginner to advanced levels, for either individuals or small groups.

All combinations are available in two formats:

* STANDARD: 2 hours per day ( 6 days, plus)

* INTENSIVE: 4 hours per day ( 6 days, plus)

Write us to request a quote: info@casespazioscena.com